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General Resources

Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse (PDF) by Marjorie S. Fink CSW, Sexual Assault Prevention Specialist (used by permission)

Navigating Child Sex Abuse

Darkness to Light: End Child Sexual Abuse

The Rising Tide of Child Abuse Content on Social Media

Pure Hope

Stop It Now 

Helps you recognize the signs of childhood sexual abuse and provides resources for children who have suffered and those who love them: 888-PREVENT (773.8368)


God Made All of Me
A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

The Child Safeguarding Policy for Churches and Ministries by Basyle Tchividjian and Shira Berkovits

Protecting Children from Abuse in the Church by Basyle Tchividjian


Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute
A national, science-based, 501(c)3, nonprofit organization with offices in Atlanta, GA and Alameda, CA. CMRPI conducts research to prevent child sexual abuse and provides information to prevention organizations, agencies, professionals, and families to use to prevent abuse.”

National CAC (Children’s Advocacy Center)
Local CACs empower and protect children as they report abuse and walk through the maze of the legal and law enforcement system.


Plan to Protect. (In English and French). “Our services include customized policies and procedures, risk assessment, strategic planning, fast-tracked criminal record checks, community support, training, and much more! We are ready to help you to reach your goal of creating a safe community, regardless of the size of your organization.”

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