People are now reading We Too, and they are being impacted. 

First Feedback:

“I wonder how We Too will be received by the Church, especially its leaders. I’m hoping for change and humility and surrender to our Lord, who is grieved over our choices to shut our eyes and ears to the hurting. Ignoring hard Truth is not a loving response. Jesus loves. He loves well. I hope I do too. I want to be a part of the solution not the problem.” Erica

“I am almost half way through the book. I usually read very fast but I am really trying to chew on every word. I know people don’t like talking about sexual abuse but with so much out there these days it gives me a chance to talk about my story, God’s healing and a chance to educate people with wrong mindsets. The quote I go to is: ‘what you intended for evil, God intended it for good.’ Sharing what God has done for me through all of my pain can be a catalyst for someone else’s healing.” Sue

“Wow. I am only a few chapters in (life!) but last night I was weeping as I read about sweet Malcolm. This is powerful, hard stuff, but it is so needed in the church! I admire your bravery and vulnerability.” Emily

As you can imagine, I am grateful and humbled by these reactions to the book. I’d also love to hear your feedback. Simply comment below to let me know.

How You Can Help

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TWITTER: Have you read @MaryDeMuth ‘s #WeTooBook yet? It’s an honest book that tackles the church’s needed redemptive response to the sexual abuse crisis. Find out more here

FB & INSTA: If I were to poll everyone I know, I am pretty sure 100% of them would be able to honestly say this: “I have been affected by sexual abuse or I know someone who has.” My friend @MaryDeMuth has written a book for these folks. It’s called We Too, and it’s both a love letter to the sexual abuse survivor and a prophetic call to the church to become a safe haven for those who suffer. You can find out more here: #WeTooBook 

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