Sabrina gave me permission to share her work. I pray her words bring you healing.

Innocence Lost

Where did that innocent little girl go?

The one with the pigtails,
Playing jump rope.
Do you see her smile?
Her carefree laughter,
Her hair swaying
In the breeze.
She’s swinging her legs
Letting the sun caress her face. 
She laughs before she jumps 
To join her friends and join the race.
One night changed everything 
She is carefree no more 
She’s curled up on her bed 
Trying hard to ignore…
The physical pain that hurts 
From what you did to her
The swing sways in the breeze 
Waiting for her to play.
She’s lost her joy and smile
So inside she will stay. 
Sweet little girl 
No longer joins her friends 
Their life is just beginning 
While hers is at the end. 
Her innocence is lost 
She grew up too soon. 
She longs for the fun
Of a carefree afternoon


The broken girl made of glass. She holds it together within her fragile shell. 
Each raised voice, each harsh touch makes her shudder but she doesn’t break. 
The broken shards cut deep
She bleeds inside 
But doesn’t weep.
Glass is stronger than you think. 
Glass reflects what it sees, 
A smile that doesn’t reach her eyes.
Not the tears she doesn’t shed
Or the fact that she wishes she was dead.
Broken glass changes perception.
Broken glass reflects the light 
In new and different ways
Different but still beautiful 
The glass must shatter
To let the darkness out.
She’ll gather up the pieces 
To put them back together.
The glass looks different;
Jagged with lots of cracks.
Yet the glass is whole,
Much better than when it was intact

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