I believe We Too is the book I was born to write. And now it is officially born. [insert trepidation here!]

I truly believe we heal better together. In light of that, I wrote We Too. It’s pro-church and pro-empathy because I dare to believe both are possible. The problem of sexual abuse, whether it happened outside the doors of our churches or within, is vast. Hundreds of you sent your picture to be represented in this photo collage. It’s a poignant reminder that this is everyone’s problem.

Chances are, you have experienced some form of sexual exploitation or you know someone who has. That’s why I’m praying that this book would find its ways into the hands of “all y’all” (pardon my Texanese). 

You might be wondering, what is in this book? 

In WE TOO, You will learn:

  • What the Bible says to the sexually exploited.
  • What harms and what empowers those who have been traumatized by abuse.
  • How Jesus provides us a relational framework that welcomes victims, decries secrecy, forsakes reputation management, and deals justly with perpetrators.
  • How to see if your church is moving toward becoming a safe place.

In the throes of the #MeToo movement, I believe the church (that I love dearly) now stands at a crucial crossroads. By advocating for a culture of listening and justice, I want to see the church cross over to the places where people are hurting, to bind up their wounds, and to truly embrace the long-term reality of sexual abuse’s after-effects. In the circle of that kind of empathetic #WeToo community, the church will become the place it’s meant to be—a place of justice and healing for everyone.

If this is something that resonates with you, pick up your copy today.

Prayerfully consider purchasing the book in bulk. To do so, contact Kathy.Zemper@harvesthousepublishers.com and find out about bulk discounts. This would be a great resource for your church staff to read and discuss. I am willing to SKYPE in on a discussion, or even visit your church to facilitate positive, honest conversations. Please email assistant@marydemuth.com to inquire about my availability.

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