I am grateful for the words of Jen Hindley today who beautifully captures what it’s like to be dismissed by church when the unthinkable happens. Her poem perfectly captures the pain many have walked through. I pray her eloquence helps you feel less alone.

Jen Hindley is a writer, poet, and spoken word artist who is passionate about sharing her story of trauma and survival, in hopes of giving other women permission to speak their own truth. She speaks 6 languages and absolutely loves connecting with people in their native tongue, a powerful way of saying “I see you, you are valuable”. After years of debilitating health issues, Jen is reclaiming her love for ultrarunning and feels there is no better place to meet Jesus than on the ups and downs of gorgeous mountain trails. She grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently lives in Atlanta, GA with her two amazing girls. (And yes, she is holding a Ziploc with a grilled cheese sandwich in the photo. Ultrarunning is the best.)

i see you by Jen Hindley

i see you

when you dare to speak 

your brave truth

and it falls on deaf ears

because nobody wants to hear

the pain you’ve been through.

i see you

when it’s made

unquestionably clear

that your desperate

need to heal

simply doesn’t trump

their self-seeking desire 

to not feel


i see you

i see you

screaming into the wind

of denial

words not passively 

rendered quiet

but actively, deliberately


and suddenly you’re aware

this wind isn’t

a force of nature 

to adapt to

but a man-made construct

to dismantle,

a windmill subtly, yet strategically 

placed squarely in front

of the weary victim’s face, 

not merely to drown out

but also throw you off your feet.

It leaves you crumpled

in a devastated heap

and while they all 

walk away

good samaritans 

gone astray…

i see you

i see you 

slowly drive away

from the very place

that so adamantly claimed 

to be a haven 

that was safe for the broken.

i see you

glance back 

at the shrinking steeple

building full of 

all the people 

who refused 

to tend to His dying sheep

and the ache in your chest

is so painful and deep

that try as you might 

you can’t seem to breathe…

i see you…





whispering Truth

despite the dying


spirit within.




and i see you

i see you

i see you

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