Grateful for this opportunity to talk about sexual abuse survivors being deeply important to the church. Instead of maligning and silencing, we should listen intently. Their hearts and messages are catalysts for revival, but so often the church has dismissed their prophetic and important voices.

Also, I so appreciate the journey that Nathan Lino, senior pastor of Northeast Houston Baptist Church in Houston, walked over a decade ago. His story of how their church responded to abuse is downright inspiring.

Samantha Kilpatrick, attorney of Kilpatrick Law Group, Raleigh, had some insightful, important things to say about the legal process. Brad Hambrick’s counseling and pastoral heart comes through beautifully as well. And Philip Bethancourt’s questions showed his deep concern for those who have suffered abuse.

I pray this video really blesses you, helping you to know that God is on the move in this critical juncture in the history of the church. We DO heal better together. We need each other. This is why I keep speaking about such a difficult topic.

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